Teachers’ influence on Students

Teachers’ influence on Students

Teachers are mentors and role models to their students. They pass knowledge and values to their pupils, prepare them for further education and working life. A good teacher can change student’s life though word and deed. Here are some influences the teacher can have on students:


Parental Guidance

The family had a considerable influence on student development. However, not all students have good parents. (John, 2003).Teachers can take the role of parents for students who need parental guidance. They can give students helping hand when have problem. Sometimes the student only needs someone to pour out his or her troubles and find some comfort. The teacher who is willing to listen can be great support to a student.


Academic performance

Many students lack self-control, they don’t like study. They tend to be put off study. Teachers have a great influence on student’ interests and academic performance. (Karen, 2012).They are able to help student understand those difficult lessons. The teachers can also arise the enthusiasm of students through encourage and guidance. The most important thing is the teacher must impart to students thinking and learning skills. If they are willing to learn and could manage and themselves well, they will be performing better.


Social and moral values

Teachers have an unenviable role in shaping their social and moral values. Students are really easy to fall into a wrong way because of their young mind and little experience. This remind me of the novel the catcher in the rye that written by Jerome David Salinger. The teacher should be the catcher in the rye who catches every student if they start to go over the cliff. Students can be better person because of the teacher.



Career Aspirations

Most students have clear goal what they want to be, though the goals change over time. For those students they have a direction to head in at least. Unfortunately, there still a number of students who feel confused for their future. This is especially effect in students who have emotional problems. If it serious, they tend to go to extremes. Teachers can give them some advice and help them find direction. Of course, teachers should guide them but not decide for them.


Just like the commercial, we never forget a good teacher. They change student’s life by helping them to realize their potential, helping them to grow, helping them to find their talents, skills and abilities. Teachers are the windows through which students will see their future. As for the teachers, they can make a difference by a deeper understanding of their influence on the students. They will be enjoy the great experience witnessing growth of students and feel proud of their students.



Wentzel, R. (1998). Social relationships and motivation in middle school: The role of parents, teachers, and peers. Journal of Educational Psychology, 2,202-209.


John, H. (2003). Teachers Make a Difference: What is the research evidence? Australian Council for Educational Research ,University of Auckland.






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